The Dinosaurs Are Coming!

Beware 1F…the DINOSAURS are coming to our classroom!

Our new topic in Spring is ‘Dinosaurs’ and we have got lots of learning to do!

Do you know the names of any Dinosaurs? Do you know when Dinosaurs lived? Do you know what Dinosaurs liked to eat? Do you know any stories or books with Dinosaurs?

Leave me a comment and let me know what you already know about Dinosaurs!

Thank you, Mrs McCabe-lodocus

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4 Responses to The Dinosaurs Are Coming!

  1. Keira Bree atherton says:

    Dinosaurs lay BIG eggs and have a LOUD ROARRrrrrr. Love from Keira

  2. 101mccabel says:

    Hi Keira,
    Thank you for posing on our blog . You are quite right some dinosaurs did lay gigantic eggs and have terrifying roars. I think the scariest dinosaur was a velociraptor. Do you have a favourite dinosaur?
    Love from Mrs McCabe-lodocus.

  3. Arzu says:

    Dear miss McCabe I enjoyed making my dinosaur model because it looks like a glittery friendly dinosaur. Love from Arzu Imaan Ashraf

    • 101mccabel says:

      I loved your dinosaur model Arzu you put lots of effort into making it. Does your dinosaur have a name? X

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