Spring 1 Home Learning Challenge

Over the half term we would like you to make a junk model dinosaur.

Bring your dinosaur models into school so they can be displayed. All models need to be in school by Friday 2nd March. Enjoy creating and have fun!


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Good Effort and Attitude ~ Spring Term 1

Congratulations to Jonah and Grace on receiving this half term’s award.

Mrs Kennington and I cannot believe how much you have both developed over the last 6 weeks. Keep up the excellent effort and attitude towards school life and your learning.

I wonder who will receive the award in Spring Term 2?

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Valentine’s Day 2018

To celebrate Valentine’s Day we did lots of activities including listening to a love song and thinking about the people we love, decorating buns with icing and a love heart, heart artwork and making Valentine’s day cards.



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1H have been busy with their dinosaur topic this half term. Here are just a few of the activities which we have been up to!


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Rainbow Promises

Whilst learning to count in 2s, we read the story of Noah’s Ark to help us with our learning. The children really enjoyed the story and wanted to make rainbow promises. We decided to make paper plate rainbows using tissue paper. Our creations were beautiful.


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Learning Capital Letters

In 1H we noticed that we didn’t always know how to form some capital letters properly when writing. So, we decided to learn about capital letters through our continuous provision activities. Look how we got on.


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Counting in multiples of 2, 5 and 10

1H have been working hard on their counting skills this half term. We have counted every day in 2s, 5s and 10s and we are getting really good at it! Take a look at the different activities we have been doing.







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Year 1 explore and play in the school woodlands!

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Dinosaur Descriptions

Can you write a sentence or two to describe the Stegosaurus below? Write your sentences by leaving me a comment.

Remember our writing targets ~ capital letters, fingers spaces, Fred talk, adjectives and full stops.

I look forward to reading your dino-terrific sentences!

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Counting in multiples of 10

In 1H we are learning to count in multiples of 10, both forwards and backwards.

Can you count in multiples of 10 whilst walking up and downstairs at home?

Can you use 10p coins and count in multiples of 10?

Click on the links below and play the games to help you learn the multiples of 10!

Have fun!

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