Dinosaur Descriptions

Can you write a sentence or two to describe the Stegosaurus below? Write your sentences by leaving me a comment.

Remember our writing targets ~ capital letters, fingers spaces, Fred talk, adjectives and full stops.

I look forward to reading your dino-terrific sentences!

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4 Responses to Dinosaur Descriptions

  1. Lola Crossley says:

    The stegosaurus has very very strong legs. It has lots of spikes on it’s bumpy back.

  2. Holly Lord says:

    This is a stegosaurus.
    This dinosaur has got plates on his back and a spiky tail.
    The stegosaurus also had a very small brain the size of a kiwi fruit.

    Hollysaurus Rex

  3. Annabel Alice Fisher says:

    He has a very pointy tail. His spikes look like flower petals. He has a tiny head. He is brown and green and white.

  4. 101thornleyh says:

    Thank you Lola, Holly and Annabelle for writing these great descriptions of the dinosaur. I am going to print them off and add them to our dinosaur display in the classroom.

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