Year 2 Assembly!

In Year 2, we are busy practising for our assembly tomorrow.
Which is your favourite song, and why?

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5 Responses to Year 2 Assembly!

  1. 1012015mk says:

    My favret song was Look around yoo and I loved ower asembully

  2. 1012015gp says:

    My favret song was thankyoulukeystarse

  3. 1012015kr says:

    My favourite song was thank your lucky stars and thank you for the world also fi fi fo fum

  4. 1012015mk says:

    My favrot part of fee if for fum was the drums and the singin was verry good
    From Melissa.

  5. 1012015ja says:

    I was so sckaird but it was fun so I want to the Christmas song.

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