3D shapes

3H made their own 3D shapes.  Can you name some 3D shapes? What properties do they have? (vertices, edges and faces)

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7 Responses to 3D shapes

  1. 1012014mb says:

    Dear Miss Weller I enjoyed doing shapes . Love Millie

  2. 1012014kf says:

    My favourite shapes is a cube.

  3. 1012014ab1 says:

    These pictures are amazing!

  4. 1012014ap says:

    I like it when we did the shapes.

  5. Blake Shuck says:

    My favourite 3d shape is a cube. What is yours?… from Blake and Lucy

  6. 1012014mb says:

    Dear Miss Weller I really like your pictures!

  7. 1012014kf says:

    I liked it when we did it

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