Growth Mindset

Here is the first in a series of videos on growth mindset. I would be interested to know what your answer to the question would be…Can Mojo get smarter?

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6 Responses to Growth Mindset

  1. 1012014mr1 says:

    we can all be smart if we listen and all be friends and don’t mess around or u will not learn

  2. 1012014ap1 says:

    I like basket ball

  3. Sarah Bond says:

    I liked the video.

  4. 1012014mr1 says:

    ur mustles always grow when you get SMARTER and we can all lern we all get smarter every day because of teaching

  5. 1012014ci says:

    YES we can all have smart if we work hard and always never give up when we never give up are muscles keep growing also keep brave and think before.

  6. 1012014ci says:

    Having a growth mindset is important when doing schoolwork. I am happy to say that I have a growth mindset!

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