Welcome to 3F


Mrs Campion and Mrs Clemson are very much looking forward to working with you and we have lots of challenges planned which we hope will help you to grow and develop your learning brains.
There are lotsĀ of interestingĀ things planned for this term and we are excited to see how you grow and progress.
This term we are going to be learning about The Stone Age. We shall be visiting Tatton Park for a Stone Age Experience on the 11th October. In Science we shall be learning about rocks and soils and in Geography we shall be learning about Volcanoes.

We hope you will use the blog regularly to continue learning and celebrating the hard work you put in both at school and at home.
Please be aware that all blogs are moderated and should represent your best work.

Remember that the world can see our posts! If you have posted something that does not represent your best work it may not be published, so lets see what brilliant blogging you are capable of!

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9 Responses to Welcome to 3F

  1. 1012011lc says:

    welcome to ks2 and its not that hard just keeping working hard and reading also keep climbing out that pit and dont be affraid to put your hand up if you dont understand

  2. 1012014ab says:


  3. Sarah Bond says:

    I love beaing in year three.

  4. 1012014ab says:

    i was looking forward to be comming back into 3f.

  5. 1012014sr says:

    I wasn’t looking forward to go to year 2 but actually it is very good and interesting.

  6. 1012014ab says:

    i wasant to shure on the first day of 3f but it all ended very well

  7. Callum says:

    I love it when we do basketball because we lien about a lot of it miss campion

  8. 1012014ci says:

    I really love being in 3F because I have wonderful teachers and I learn a lot! I know as long as I never give up, everything is going to be ok.

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