Basketball skills

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22 Responses to Basketball skills

  1. 1012014od says:

    I like bouning the boll.

  2. Sarah Bond says:

    I liked basket ball because I liked learning new skils.

  3. 1012014od says:

    I love lirning

  4. 1012014co says:

    I LOVE the videos

  5. 1012014co says:

    I LOVE PE.

  6. 1012014tw says:

    The baskitbol gamns are the best ever

  7. 1012014sr says:

    Although I’m not brilliant I still love basket ball.

  8. Daisy says:

    I love basket and it’s great exercise, Daisy.

  9. Daisy says:

    I absolutely love basketball and your a good basket ball player to me

  10. Sarah Bond says:

    I like basket ball. πŸ™‚

  11. Sarah Bond says:


  12. Callum says:

    Thank you miss Campion for lirning us

  13. Callum says:

    You are the best miss Campion

  14. Callum says:

    I like baseball ⚾️ and its the best

  15. 1012014mn says:


    I like learning skills as well as doing them. I love it I Realy do !!!!!!!!1

  16. Sarah Bond says:

    (; I love basketball.

  17. 1012014ci says:

    I think that basketball is really difficult because we have lots of different challenges! But, I learnt some new, cool skills! Thank you Miss Campion for a great P.E. lesson!

  18. Sarah Bond says:

    basketball is amazing.(;

  19. 1012014ci says:

    basketball is hard but miss campion tart me that when you ara bousing the ball you shouldent waft your hand so thank you for a brillant p.e

  20. 1012014mn says:

    I love playing basketball because you get to throw a ball and I like to throw a ball

  21. 1012014ic says:

    i love p.e. basketball is the bestest.

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