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i-love-4f-131532892313[1]Welcome to 4F
Miss Pounder
Mrs Aimson


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Busy Day in 4F!!!

Finished off our R.E topic about Islam & our History topic about Ancient China!
check out the video below:
We have made our very own tomb and personal artifacts that Lady Fu Hao was burned with!
Well done 4F keep up the good work! Super day!
Miss Pounder & Mrs Aimson

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Sports Relief Run!

Great Fun!

Thanks to everyone who joined in!
Don’t forget to bring your sponsor money in!

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Swimming champions!

A huge well done to everyone in 4F for their achievements in swimming.  They enjoyed a fun play session for their last visit today!

Miss Pounder x

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Pizza fun!

On Tuesday, 4F learnt about the Food Pyramid in Science and what they need to eat to have a healthy, balanced diet.  They made pizzas using a selection of ingredients from the different food groups.

Comment below with what you put on your pizza and what food groups your toppings belong to.  Don’t forget the pizza base too!

Miss Pounder x


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World Book Day!

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Oracle Bones!

Oracle bones were used in Ancient China to ask questions to the Gods and the answers would be interpreted by the people based on what happened to the bone.  For example, a crack appearing on the bone (and where) would tell them the answer to the question!  They would use these answers to predict the future.

After researching the history behind Chinese people speaking to the Gods in this way, 4F asked their own questions and wrote them on an oracle bone using symbols.

Comment below with the question that you asked on your oracle bone.

Miss Pounder x

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The Willow Plate Story

A belated post but I thoroughly enjoyed watching your performance of The Willow Plate Story, 4F!  A Chinese legend that can still be seen on china plates today.  (Thank you Michael for bringing yours in from home to share).

You did a super job, well done.

Miss Pounder x



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How the digestive system works

In Science, we have been exploring how the digestive system works!  We showed how it worked in an experiment using cups, bananas, crackers, orange juice and water.

Comment below to explain to our readers why we used each material in the experiment (what did each thing represent?).

Explain how the digestive system works – remember your scientific vocabulary!


Miss Pounder x

P.S If you log in to Purple Mash and click on ‘To Do’ (at the top of the page), you can play a game to label the Digestive System! Comment your top score below


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Our Internet Safety promises

For Internet Safety Day, we have been learning about how to keep ourselves safe online.

Watch our video below to hear our promises!  Do you agree with them?  Is there a promise you could make that we haven’t thought of?

Comment below 🙂


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In History, we are learning about Ancient China and the Shang Dynasty. Post a question you have about Ancient China.


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