Robin Wood – Ridge Group

I had a fantastic time at Robin Wood, I hope you did too Ridge Group! I’m really proud of you all for taking part in all the activities and putting in great amounts of efforts to overcome your fears.Β  Well done!

Miss Pounder x

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26 Responses to Robin Wood – Ridge Group

  1. Eleanor's mum says:

    It looks like every one had a great time. Eleanor had a fantastic time and has said she wants to go again. We are very proud of her effort.

  2. Roxy Atack says:

    Thankyou for sharing these great videos Miss Pounder. I had a great time.



  3. Christian's mum says:

    Great videos. Looks like they had a wonderful adventure and wow they were all very brave! Christian loved it thank you.

  4. 1012013zc says:

    was it fun at Robin wood? SUFYAN

  5. 1012013lm says:

    Robin wood was soooo fun especially the crate challenge and the phirana pool Lilly Mason

  6. 1012013mw says:

    I loved it .


  7. 1012013hv says:

    I hope you all enjoyed Robin Wood, I wish I went!!

    Hanna Vali

  8. 1012013zc says:

    What is Prana pooling? Zack

  9. 1012013lb says:

    Michael hope you and the rest of the class enjoyed it and the teaches

  10. 1012013jh says:

    Looks like they had loads of fun joe

  11. 1012013zc says:

    What was the best thing there?
    Sufyan Zack

  12. 1012013lm says:

    Robin wood was soooo fun especially the crate challenge because me and Matilda was stranded on top of the crate tower . BY Lilly mason

  13. 1012013mw says:

    I loved it.


  14. 1012013cb says:

    We did lots of fun activities at Robin wood .
    Can you remember all the activities. please leave a reply. JUNAID

    • 101pounderj says:

      My favourite was the piranha pool πŸ˜€ what was your favourite Christian? What did you get up to in school Junaid?

  15. 1012013ra says:

    We loved it and the prana pool was epic but we enjoyed it all.
    Love from Roxy and Scarlett

  16. 1012013md says:

    I realy enjoyed Robin Wood especially the crate challenge because me and Lilly got stranded on top of the tower

  17. 1012013lm says:

    Are we going again ?

  18. 1012013tm says:

    I liked the piranha pool because I was excited but I was also scared and a bit
    worried by CRYSTAL .

  19. 1012013md says:

    Robin Wood was sooo fun I loved the phirana pool it was so colled in there !!!

  20. 1012013eg says:

    Robin Wood was great but the thing I loved the most was the Phirana pool it was the best because I was the first one to fall in. Tia jones-hughes

    I loved Robin Wood soo much especially the Phirana pool. Eleanor Goddard

  21. Matilda Day says:

    I loved Robin Wood especially the phirana pool and the crate challengender. BY MATILDA DAY.

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