Oracle Bones!

Oracle bones were used in Ancient China to ask questions to the Gods and the answers would be interpreted by the people based on what happened to the bone.  For example, a crack appearing on the bone (and where) would tell them the answer to the question!  They would use these answers to predict the future.

After researching the history behind Chinese people speaking to the Gods in this way, 4F asked their own questions and wrote them on an oracle bone using symbols.

Comment below with the question that you asked on your oracle bone.

Miss Pounder x

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20 Responses to Oracle Bones!

  1. 1012013sr says:

    Will it be rainy or sunny

  2. 1012013sr says:

    I loved doing oracle bones it was very fun

  3. 1012013xb says:


  4. 1012013hv says:

    i loved creating them

  5. 1012013rk says:

    I wrote for my question:
    Will the big man go out and sacrifice an animal?

  6. 1012013sr says:

    The oracle bone were creative

  7. 1012013lm says:

    making the oracle bones was really fun and my question is … will the king go out on the field or not ????

    BY Lilly MASON

  8. 1012013sh says:

    I had a really fun time making the oracle bones it was a great afternoon thank you miss Pounder and mrs Aimson. from summer heathcote

  9. 1012013sr says:

    I miss oracle bones.
    by sufyan

  10. 1012013zc says:

    I wrote will the king go out a mouatian or field

  11. 1012013hc says:

    relly fun love to do it again

  12. 1012013md says:

    It was really fun making the oracle bones by matilda

  13. 1012013hv says:

    My question was should the child go to field or the mountain lillia

  14. 1012013cc says:

    i love wen we made the oracle bones.

  15. 1012013mw says:

    shuld the king have a chald or not from michal

  16. 1012013tj says:

    Making the oracle was so fun. My question was Will a big human go out south or north?

  17. 1012013eg says:

    I thought making the oracle bones was fun. My question was should the king go up the north mountain or south mountain.

  18. 1012013jh says:

    I asked: will the human sacrifice an animal for meat

  19. Lillia Eckersley says:

    I loved making them Lillia

  20. 1012013le says:

    my oracle bone looked liked a pie. BY LILLIA

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