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Lady Fu Hao’s Tomb

In History, we created a replica of Lady Fu Hao’s tomb. Can you remember why she was important in Shang history and some of the objects found in her tomb?

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RE: The five pillars of Islam

In RE we have just started The five pillars of Islam. Here are some pictures of that day. Comment what you liked about that lesson.

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Food Pyramid Pizzas

In Science, we have been learning about the food pyramid and what is special about each food group. We made pizzas and included different parts of the Pyramid.

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World Book Day 2018

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Oracle bones in History

In history, we having been learning about how Shang priests told the future by etching symbols into into bones. The symbols asked the Gods a question. We made our own oracle bones using salt dough. Can you remember any information … Continue reading

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Brass with Mr Greenland

On Thursdays we have brass with Mr Greenland.Here are some pictures of brass on the 1st February 2018.

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Shang Dynasty crops

Today we learnt about the crops the Shang people grew. We looked at millet, Pak Choi, star anise, peaches and ginger.  

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The digestive system: Science

In science we have been learning about the digestive system. We did an experiment about the jobs of the different parts.      

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Millet porridge: History

Today in history we learnt about the Shang Dynasty. We made a porridge from millet a crop the Shang people grew. Here are some pictures.  

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Science: Teeth

In science we learnt about our teeth and how important our teeth are in the digestive system.   We put two eggs in vinegar and one was covered in fluoride toothpaste. The one wasn’t.     We put three eggs … Continue reading

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