Steel pans with Mr Martin on Monday mornings…

Year 5 absolutely love Monday mornings with Mr Martin who is teaching them how to play the steel pans.

Can you remember where steel pans originate from? How and why are steel pans used?

I wonder who can explain – in as much detail as possible – what they know about the instrument…

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16 Responses to Steel pans with Mr Martin on Monday mornings…

  1. 1012012mw says:

    Steal pans are originated from is Trinidad. Steal pans are used for playing mostly in Trinidad – near the Carrabin -they are also used to play in groups or bands.

  2. 1012012mw says:

    We are really enjoying playing the guitar and the melody steal pans with Mr martin.

  3. 1012012mw says:

    Was we suppose to use our writing targets in them two sentences about Steal pans because I used dashes for parenthesis.

  4. 1012012mw says:

    Are we doing music on Monday.

  5. 1012012mw says:

    Are we doing music on Monday with Mr Martin.

  6. 1012012mw says:

    Thank you Mrs Clarke -for star of the week-.

  7. 1012012mw says:

    Mrs Clarke when is our performance with Mr Martin.

  8. 1012012mw says:

    Are we going swimming tomorrow.

  9. 1012012lw says:

    seeing, mirstermarting was astonashing he was verrry funny i engoy steel pans so thank you

  10. 1012012ld says:

    Everyone keep blogging

  11. 1012012cn says:

    steel pans are fun to play the melody pan is my favourite

  12. 1012012lw says:

    Last week was sooooo Good it was funny when Subhan said two two instead of two once
    And I did it but for 6 hahahaah

  13. 1012012cn says:

    Steel pans are fun Mr Martin is funny

  14. 1012012mm says:

    I love playing steel pans on a Monday morning! It’s funny and totally awesome! 🙂

  15. 1012012mm says:

    The steel pans, which have different pitches, originated from Trinidad- near the Caribbean.

  16. 1012012mm says:

    Steel pans were actually accidentally made- they used biscuit tins, cans, whatever they could find, to bang against in the carnival. However, the metal would eventually get dented, but, they found that hitting the dents made different sounds every time. That’s how the steel pans were accidentally created!

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