Happy New Year and Welcome Back 5H!

We hope you’ve all had a wonderful Christmas and a fabulous New Year. This term there are lots of exciting lessons planned and new things to learn about. Over the break, many you have researched the Tudors ready for our new topic and brought in some amazing work for the display.

Don’t forget your swimming kits every Thursday!

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Spelling quiz 3


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Spelling quiz 2

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Class debates

Year 5 have been learning about balanced arguments.

Yesterday they had a discussion about animals in captivity.

What do you think about animals being kept in captivity?

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Times Tables Quiz

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Spelling Quiz

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Graph Pictionary

In 5H we’ve been learning about graphs.

Here are some photos of them playing graph pictionary.

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Amazing Day!

Bringing the magic of the tropical rainforest into our school – Dave and his daughter gave us the opportunity to marvel at giant insects and learn about their life cycle, admire beautiful necklaces and a blow pipe (used for hunting) which was handcrafted by an Amerindian tribe, whist learning about the lives of the indigenous peoples of the rainforest. We listened to their entertaining tales of travels to far off places and learnt about our own impact on these fragile environments. We had the opportunity to have our faces or arms painted like Amazonian tribal people, design our own jewellery, and even touch amazing animals such as a milk snake, a millipede and a bird eating spider!

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Rainforest Roadshow

Year 5 are really enjoying learning about the adventures of Dave, a rainforest explorer, and his daughter Leila.

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This is what we have been doing in class

The woman was sitting by the river.

The woman, who had long silky hair with sapphire-blue eyes, was sitting by the river.

The woman was sitting by the river, which is home to many different types of weird and wonderful animals.

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