Welcome to Year 6

Welcome to year 6! Challenge yourself, be the best and enjoy every minute of your final year.  Mrs Lambert, Mrs Wrigley, Miss Walker, Mrs Hartles and Mrs Wilde are excited to see what you can achieve this year. Remember to help each other and if you find something difficult it means you are learning – keep calm and keep going – practise makes perfect and you can achieve your goals!

Keep checking the blog and get involved as much as you can in order to extend your learning and also grow our learning community.

We hope you will use the blog regularly to continue learning and celebrating the hard work you put in both at school and at home.

Please be aware that all blogs are moderated and should represent your best work.

Remember that the world can see our posts! If you have posted something that does not represent your best work it may not be published, so lets see what brilliant blogging you are capable of!

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Chisom’s 2code game!

 In computing, we had to make our own games. Click the image to play my game!

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Are you ready for Robinwood ?comment below

  click on the pic to see how long we have got!          

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The greatest show!

We had to write a positive and a negative circus review on the first show from The Greatest Showman!

This is Grace’s work!

This is Arian’s work!


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Spirited Arts !!!

This year our school is involved in a spirited art competition where each and every pupil expresses their feelings of god through art. Here are a few inspirations for your deign:

What’s your idea ? There are over 30 prizes for the winner and 5 winners overall.

Make sure your stands out as 320,000 people have entered this year and im sure you want to be a winner.

Click on the images above for more inside Intel on the competition.

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Stained glass windows!

Hope everybody’s ready to make some stained glass windows on TOMORROW!

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Francis !!!

Click on the video above to watch Francis.Did you enjoy doing this piece of writing?

here are some examples : Pavel’s , Nathan’s and Courtney’s.

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RE – stained glass windows.

This afternoon year 6 have learnt about stained glass windows. We discovered the history behind them and why they were known as the ‘poor mans bible’. We looked at the different colours and what each colour symbolises in Christianity. We looked at different well-known stained glass windows and began to design our own in preparation for producing our very own stained glass window for the end of year production!

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YEAR 6 Production

Click below for the script.  You should practice just a few lines from the play to audition.

RomeoJuliet FINAL EDIT

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   when you thought the week could not get any better ( karaoke, games , I pads and watching the Greatest showman ) now no homework.

click on the pics to find funny no homework reactions.

however do one thing and that is have lots of fun with your family and friends!

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Get ready for prom and many other exciting events now that we have finished SATS!!!!

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