Welcome to Year 6


Welcome to year 6! Challenge yourself, be the best and enjoy every minute of your final year.  Mrs Lambert, Mrs Wrigley, Miss Walker, Mrs Hartles and Mrs Wilde are excited to see what you can achieve this year. Remember to help each other and if you find something difficult it means you are learning – keep calm and keep going – practise makes perfect and you can achieve your goals!

Keep checking the blog and get involved as much as you can in order to extend your learning and also grow our learning community.

We hope you will use the blog regularly to continue learning and celebrating the hard work you put in both at school and at home.

Please be aware that all blogs are moderated and should represent your best work.

Remember that the world can see our posts! If you have posted something that does not represent your best work it may not be published, so lets see what brilliant blogging you are capable of!

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HF4U workshop 1

This morning year 6 took part in workshop 1 of the HF4U programme. We discussed overcoming obstacles and famous people who haven’t had the best possible start in life but have gone on to achieve unbelieavable things. We also completed tasks relating to strengths we all have and how these can be used to achieve the things we want to in the future.

We watched a video about someone very famous who achieved success against the odds.

Can you figure out who it is before the end of the video?


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Our ‘Safety Internet Day 2018’ messages. Please follow our advice…

Don’t Forget to comment below. If you enjoyed our Safer Internet Day raps, please let us know…

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RE – Buddhism

This afternoon 6F have been continuing their learning on the religion of Buddhism. We looked at the eight fold path and tried to experience each of those eight paths.

Can you remember any of the eight ‘right ways’?

As part of right concentration we looked at the following picture and some of us were shocked with what we could see! Can you see a young lady or an old woman?



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6Fs very own suspense writing


This is a demonstration of a suspense story we wrote in class.

What do you think.


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In Music, as we are learning about Ancient Egypt, we have learned and performed a song, which has helped us with our knowledge on our new Topic. This song was quite catchy and we couldn’t help singing it out of Music too. We hope you enjoy our performance- please leave us a comment!

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In class, we have learned about suspense stories!

What’s your fave suspense book?

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What do you know about Ancient Egyptians?

click on the image for a link to purple mash where you will have to write how much you know about the Egyptians and the most interesting factfile will receive 10 counters for your table.

However we will know if it is copied  so don’t try!


If you want to research anything about it you can but change it .

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Click the image to play xmas games!

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Year 6‘s Calenders

Year 6 used paint and black card to create their calendars.They chose one colour and little by little, added white to create a lovely effect. They chose an animal to trace and copy onto card to create their silhouette which turned out lovely. Here are just a few from Year 6.

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