6F Eco Friends!

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With Mrs Walker – Head of Eco- we have been making posters on making the world better by not littering.

What do you think we should do to make our school more Eco-Friendly 

Can you think of a quote to stop people littering and whats your favorite quote.

Comment down bellow.

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4 Responses to 6F Eco Friends!

  1. 1012011lg 1012011lg says:

    Stop Littering around and outside of school it is bad for our planet and the world is getting polluted.

  2. 1012011ci1 says:

    the only cure for LITTER is you !!!!

  3. 1012011pg 1012011pg says:

    I enjoyed doing the eco friendly posters. No one should litter because it is hurting the earth therefore the earth will get polluted.

  4. 1012011ef1 says:

    STOP LITTERING ON THE SCHOOL PLAYGROUND IT IS NOT GOOD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT !!! Please help the ECO warriors by not dropping litter on the school playground.Please offer to litter pick .

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