What do you know about Ancient Egyptians?

click on the image for a link to purple mash where you will have to write how much you know about the Egyptians and the most interesting factfile will receive 10 counters for your table.

However we will know if it is copied  so don’t try!


If you want to research anything about it you can but change it .

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5 Responses to Compotiaion

  1. 1012011ci1 says:

    Tutankhamun was one of the greatest pheroas. Does anyone know why tutu got married at the age of nine?

  2. 1012011ci1 says:

    I had so much fun doing this quiz. Egypt is such a good topic to learn about. does anyone know why they got called them pharaohs not kings?

    • 1012011ef1 says:

      The ancient egyptians called their kings pharohs because the word is greek language and it means hebrew that is why they called them pharohs .Did you know that they are still called pharoha today.

  3. 1012011lm says:

    I love learning about ancient Egypt because it’s really interesting to learn about the energetic songs

  4. 1012011db says:

    that was intresting and quite amazing today

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