YEAR 6 Production

Click below for the script.  You should practice just a few lines from the play to audition.

RomeoJuliet FINAL EDIT

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   when you thought the week could not get any better ( karaoke, games , I pads and watching the Greatest showman ) now no homework.

click on the pics to find funny no homework reactions.

however do one thing and that is have lots of fun with your family and friends!

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Get ready for prom and many other exciting events now that we have finished SATS!!!!

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RE – Differences between Roman Catholic and Church of England

This afternoon 6F have been finding out about some key differences between Roman Catholic and Church of England. We discovered some interesting facts about both denominations. We did a hunt around the room for various different pieces of information and sorted them into categories.

Do you know who founded the Church of England? Who is the head of the Catholic Church? What is Transubstantiation?


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Remember SATs do not define our unique talents and what makes us special!

Try to relax, get plenty of sleep and a good breakfast.

Related imageImage result for sats poem

click on the SATs poem for handy tip and tricks!

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Countdown till SATS!!!



Until SATS lets keep on practising! WE ARE GONNA DO AMAZING!!!!!

Click the red image to get on a online countdown till SATS!



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Click the link above to see how long it is until prom in weeks/days/hours/minutes/seconds.

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Year 6 Show…

Image result for showtime

It is almost time to think about starting rehearsals for the Y6 end of year production.

If you have any good ideas for musicals or plays you would like us to consider, please comment below, or pass on to Mrs Lambert or Mrs Wrigley at school.

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Canopic jar crafts


In year 6 this week we have started to creat are own Canopic  jars. leave a comment if you can remember one of the founders and what it protects. Did you enjoy starting them?

Click the picture above to have fun learning about ancient Egypt and witch body part goes in witch jar!

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Bring your jars! PLEASE!

We need more jars for our art project. If you have any empty jars at home, bringing them in would be helpful!

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