Year 6’s Calenders

Year 6 used paint and black card to create their calendars.They chose one colour and little by little, added white to create a lovely effect. They chose an animal to trace and copy onto card to create their silhouette which turned out lovely. Here are just a few from Year 6.

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10 Responses to Year 6’s Calenders

  1. 1012011cw1 says:

    I really enjoyed making these calenders it was really fun.
    I made mine on a Call Of Duty icon.

  2. 1012011kb says:

    I loved making these they all look nice and my calendar was set under the sea

  3. 1012011dw says:

    I loved making these and their are some good ones.

  4. 1012011kb says:

    making these calenders were really fun and everybody looked like they they had great fun doing them

  5. 1012011ca says:

    I enjoyed making calendars and mine was set under the sea .

  6. 1012011ek says:

    I loved making these calendars they looked awesome!

  7. 1012011td says:

    I really enjoyed making them, on mine I made a fox on a red background it looked really good, I think.

  8. 1012011kb says:

    taylor yours was so nice the red made it a really nice sunset colour at the end and your fox was drawn so neat

  9. 1012011kb says:

    wow who ever drawn that rabbit is a really good drawer if they did not trace it

  10. 1012011ca says:

    Making calendars and was fun.

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