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Sports Relief Mile

On 23.3.18, we ran on the mile track to raise donations for Sports Relief. Everyone in year 6 showed immense effort! Congrats!! 

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One Goal is about thinking about the person you are and following your dreams! We had loads of fun with Ben. Comment down below what you dreams for the future are!

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Table Of The Week!

This week, this table has NEVER won and it is ……. EFFORT NINJAS!! Congrats, you all deserve this! Who will be the next table of the week!!?

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In music we are learning how to use a recorder, here is what we have been doing. We have learnt how to play the note B and have been practicing a really cheesy song called ‘B’ In My Bonnet.

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Table of the week!

Well done to the Perseverance Squad and The Table Of Succses for your effort!!! Who will be the next Table Of The Week?!

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Spelling Bee competition

Today was our Spelling Bee competition! Everyone did their best but who will be the next Spelling Bee champion of 2017!? 

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The spelling Bee competition!

Let’s all practice for the spelling bee contest!    

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Time tables practice time!

Are you ready to practice your times tables? Click the link below to get started:  

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