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In Music, as we are learning about Ancient Egypt, we have learned and performed a song, which has helped us with our knowledge on our new Topic. This song was quite catchy and we couldn’t help singing it out of … Continue reading

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Year 6’s Calenders

Year 6 used paint and black card to create their calendars.They chose one colour and little by little, added white to create a lovely effect. They chose an animal to trace and copy onto card to create their silhouette which … Continue reading

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Stockport Air Raid Shelter Photographs

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Stockport Air Raid Shelter Trip

  I couldn’t believe my eyes! Year 6 completing chores? Washing the dishes, ironing, washing clothes and hoovering? Take a look for yourselves….  

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6H’s Maths lesson

Year 6 learned a new song to help them remember how to multiply and divide by 10, 100 and 1000. We had fun performing  and wanted to share this with you….    

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This afternoon year 6 have been designing their very own propaganda poster just like those used in the war! There are some fantastic designs and ideas!

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6H’s Newspaper Reports

Year 6 watched a video clip and created a newspaper report, using the information provided. This was our first piece of writing as year 6, where we tried to include our writing targets from our new target cards.  

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6H’s warm up games and hockey skills

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Year 6’s PE session- Hockey

  Our warm up game was banana tig. Can you tell who our bananas are? Unfortunately for us it was raining so we practiced our hockey skills inside; learning how to dribble and work on our ball control. What did … Continue reading

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Music- Songs that won the War!

Year 6 have loved thier Music sessions, where they have listened and performed to different songs sang during WWII, to lift the nation’s spirit. In week 1, the children listened to songs by Vera Lynn, who was known as the ‘Nations Sweetheart’. … Continue reading

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