Year 6’s Calenders

Year 6 used paint and black card to create their calendars.They chose one colour and little by little, added white to create a lovely effect. They chose an animal to trace and copy onto card to create their silhouette which turned out lovely. Here are just a few from Year 6.

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Click to watch Taylor’s powerpoint about Stockport Air Raid Shelter…

stockport air raid shelter

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Stockport Air Raid Shelter Photographs

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Stockport Air Raid Shelter Trip


I couldn’t believe my eyes! Year 6 completing chores? Washing the dishes, ironing, washing clothes and hoovering? Take a look for yourselves….


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RE – Blackout poetry

Yesterday 6H designed their own blackout poetry art by taking a piece of text from a WWII novel and selecting various words to build their own poem linked to the Holocaust. We had some fantastic ideas of what images to sketch and words to pick out of the text to highlight!

Take a look at some of the finished designs below which will be proudly displayed on the year 6 corridor!

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6H’s Maths lesson

Year 6 learned a new song to help them remember how to multiply and divide by 10, 100 and 1000. We had fun performing  and wanted to share this with you….



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Anti-Jewish law during the Holocaust

During RE this week 6H have been investigating anti-Jewish laws brought into place by Hitlers Nazi party during the Holocaust. I was very impressed with the amount of interest 6H showed, lots of questions and discussion!

After our discussions and activity, year 6 put some of the important events on to a timeline.

Can you remember any of the laws? Which did you think were the worst and why?

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Spelling Bee competition

Today was our Spelling Bee competition! Everyone did their best but who will be the next Spelling Bee champion of 2017!? 

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RE: The Holocaust

Today during RE 6H have been beginning to learn of the suffering and persecution of the Jewish people during the Holocaust. We investigated the reasons behind Hitler’s hatred towards the Jews and how many Jewish people were killed during these terrible times.

We looked at some images taken during the Holocaust and discussed what may be happening and how the people in the images may have felt at that time. Some of those images are below.

Everyone asked questions on a post it note which will be used as discussion in next weeks session!

Can you remember any of the reasons why Hitler persecuted the Jews in this way?

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These are the type of bullets that you would see in a W11 museum but most are still in use to day

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