Romeo and Juliet masks

Next Wednesday, we’ll be making masks for our production. If you want any decorations bring in what you can.

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Francis: suspense stories

In English, we’ve been writing a suspense story called ‘Francis’. Here is some of our work!

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YEAR 6 Production

Click below for the script.  You should practice just a few lines from the play to audition.

RomeoJuliet FINAL EDIT

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The Egyptians:Canopic jars

In class, we have been making Canopic Jars that the Egyptians used when they mummified bodies which they put organs in.Here are a few examples.

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YEEEEESSSS!! SAT’s is finished and now most of us are waiting in anticipation for our results. With lots of treats that wait for us in the future (Robin Wood, Prom, Show ect) our teachers have prepared some fun activities for us all. But remember that we still are in school so don’t go crazy!

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The SAT’s: Top tips for the best results

SAT’s are approaching (oh no😬) and you may be freaking out. But not to worry, I will share a few top tips on how to survive SAT’s!

Tip 1: Make sure you go to bed early and get a good night sleep so your mind is totally foucused on the tests.

Tip 2: Have something to eat in the morning so you won’t feel hungry during the SAT’s.

Tip 3: It’s reccomeded that your bring a bottle of water so you are hydrated ( remember WATER ONLY).

Tip 4: Stay calm and don’t stress out. It’s only a test!

Breakfast Club will be available for year 6. It’s free of charge!


And remember….



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SATS practice

To practice for our SATS we have been doing some 10 minute tests. We do maths ready and gramma tests. 

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SATS countdown!


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Image result for showtime

It is almost time to think about starting rehearsals for the Y6 end of year production.

If you have any good ideas for musicals or plays you would like us to consider, please comment below, or pass on to Mrs Lambert or Mrs Wrigley at school.

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Shakespeare:Romeo and Juliet

In English, we have been learning about one of Shakespeare’s famous plays, Romeo and Juliet. We are planning to write a newspaper report on this subject.Watch the modern version of this play! Click the picture below.

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