In English we are focusing on the poem ‘The Highwayman’ and we are begining to write a newspaper report about how Bess and The Traveller died.

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In music this week we have learnt the note ‘G’. We played songs like no more milk, little fly,traffic jam and joe joe. These were using only the notes ‘B’ and ‘A’. Next we will be learning a new song called caterpillar.

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HF4U workshop 1

This morning year 6 took part in workshop 1 of the HF4U programme. We discussed overcoming obstacles and famous people who haven’t had the best possible start in life but have gone on to achieve unbelieavable things. We also completed tasks relating to strengths we all have and how these can be used to achieve the things we want to in the future.

We watched a video about someone very famous who achieved success against the odds.

Can you figure out who it is before the end of the video?



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Safer Internet Day 2018 – please watch our messages and listen to our advice…

Remember to comment below if you enjoy our raps. We’d love to hear your thoughts…

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Table Of The Week!

This week, this table has NEVER won and it is ……. EFFORT NINJAS!! Congrats, you all deserve this! Who will be the next table of the week!!?

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6H RE – Buddhist festivals

This afternoon 6H have been finding out about the Buddhist festivals. Did you know that there are 13 celebrated by Buddhists per year?

6H had an introduction to each of the 8 most celebrated festivals and then chose a festival to research themselves and had the choice of how to present this. Once finished these will be displayed on the year 6 corridor!

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6H visit Bolton College and University of Bolton

This morning year 6 visited the University of Bolton and also Bolton College. We had a tour of the university campus, which included the special effects department, library, the sports centre and the fantastic new motorsports department! We found out some amazing facts and information!

During our visit to the college, some of us had our nails polished and others took part in a hairdressing practical.

Can anyone remember what the most expensive motorsport car was and the type of race it is used in?

How tall is the climbing wall in the University sports and health department!?

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In music we are learning how to use a recorder, here is what we have been doing. We have learnt how to play the note B and have been practicing a really cheesy song called ‘B’ In My Bonnet.

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Click here to watch Taylors new slideshow all about our recent topic Ancient Egypt.

Ancient Egyption( topic 2)

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Table of the week!

Well done to the Perseverance Squad and The Table Of Succses for your effort!!! Who will be the next Table Of The Week?!

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