Counting in multiples of 10

In 1F we are learning to count in multiples of 10, both forwards and backwards.

Can you count in multiples of 10 whilst walking up and downstairs at home?

Can you use 10p coins and count in multiples of 10?

Click on the links below and play the games to help you learn the multiples of 10!

Have fun!

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5 Responses to Counting in multiples of 10

  1. Keira Atherton says:

    Hi mrss McCabe I love doing writing and maths love from keira

    • 101mccabel says:

      You are a star Keira I’m proud of how much effort you always put into your work. Which writing have you enjoyed the most? X

  2. Keira Atherton says:

    Dinosaurs roarrr very loud

  3. Jessica Ashworth says:

    I like doing maths and world book day and dinosaurs.

    • 101mccabel says:

      Hi Jessica, thank you for posting on our blog. I’m happy to hear you are enjoying maths. Can you write me some addition calculations with the switcher? X

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