1F’s Dino-tastic models

Well done 1F! Mrs Millett and I were amazed by your Dino-tastic models. Thank you for all your hard work and effort. You have been very busy.

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9 Responses to 1F’s Dino-tastic models

  1. 1012016lb says:

    i had so much fun making a dinasaw

  2. jade winstanley (Kylas mum) says:

    brilliant dinosaurs !

  3. Holly Felton says:

    T0 mrs mcabe
    did you like my dinosaur?

  4. Holly Felton says:

    I loved doing my we are going on a dinosaur hunt. ive missed school.

    • 101mccabel says:

      Hi Holly,
      Thank you for posting on our blog. I’m glad that you enjoyed doing ‘We’re going on a dinosaur hunt’. We have missed you at school and are really looking forward to your return. Mrs McCabe x

  5. Keira Bree atherton says:

    Hi mrs McCabe I had lots of fun making my dinosaur I. Hop I haf fun making a und
    The see home we’rec and I love und the see love keira

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