Habitats in the Woodland

In Science we have been exploring animal habitats and found lots of evidence of habitats in our Woodland this Spring.

Did you know that animals and insects who live in forest and woodland habitats rely on the trees to give them what they need – shelter, food, and protection from other creatures?

Look at what we found living in our Woodland.

What other living things did we find? Have a look in your gardens and please leave me a comment if you find any habitats. Thank you, Mrs McCabe x.

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6 Responses to Habitats in the Woodland

  1. Imogen dorrington says:

    I have seen ladybirds and also ants on the garden wall. Imogen.

  2. 101mccabel says:

    Hi Imogen, thank you for posting on our blog. I found a toad in my garden and lots of worms in the soil. Keep looking and let me know if you find any more animal habitats. Mrs McCabe x

  3. Holly Felton says:

    Hi Mrs McCabe
    I have been to centre parcs on holiday and we saw rabbits, squirrels and birds in the forest. I also saw a frog. Love Holly.

    • 101mccabel says:

      Hi Holly, it sounds like you’ve had a fun Easter holidays. Did you see the rabbit holes? Do you know the name for a rabbits’ home? Mrs McCabe x

  4. Holly Felton says:

    A rabbit home is a warren? Or a hutch.

    • 101mccabel says:

      Well done Holly, a brilliant answer. Pet rabbits live in hutches, a wild rabbit lives in a burrow and a family of rabbits live in a series of burrows called a warren. Do you know the names of any other animal habitats? Mrs McCabe x

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