Under the Sea

Our new topic for Summer term is Under the Sea.

I am really looking forward to sharing some lovely stories and finding out facts about creatures that live in the sea.

Do you have a favourite sea creature?

Can you find out any interesting facts about them? I love turtles and was exceptionally lucky to swim with them last Summer. They are beautiful. gentle and graceful. Turtles have existed for 220 million years, lay their eggs on land and have a hard shell that protects them like a shield.

Please post your favourite creatures on our blog, I can’t wait to read them.


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6 Responses to Under the Sea

  1. Holly Felton says:

    Oh my goodness I love turtles too and so does my mummy! Our favourite ones are the giant sized ones at blackpool zoo! Its my favourite under the sea creature. Love Holly.

    • 101mccabel says:

      Hi Holly, I was very lucky and saw them laying eggs on the beach too. Turtles are definitely my favourite. Mrs McCabe x

  2. Imogen dorrington says:

    Hi, my favourite under the sea creature is the octopus, I saw it at the Sealife Centre.
    Love from imogen

  3. 101mccabel says:

    Thanks for posting Imogen. Did you find out any interesting facts about the octopus? Mrs McCabe x

  4. mason douglas says:

    i love learning about sea creatures my favourite ones are turtles.

    love from mason douglas

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