Look what we found growing in our school environment.

We had a fabulous Friday morning looking for different trees and plants growing around school. We collected different sized and shaped leaves that we are going to look at closely with magnifying glasses next week. We saw lots of signs of Autumn and loved discovering all the different coloured leaves.


16 thoughts on “Look what we found growing in our school environment.”

    • Hi Oliver, thank you for posting on our blog. If you find any different leaves and conkers on your walks please bring them in to share. Mrs McCabe x

    • Lucas is a star and always puts 100% effort into everything he does. He also enjoyed looking at the leaves through a magnifying glass. I’m glad to hear he enjoys looking on our blog too. L.McCabe

    • I had a good time too Olivia and thank you very much for bringing in conkers and leaves for our display. Mrs McCabe x

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