15 thoughts on “October Half Term Holiday News”

  1. Over the half term holidays I went on holiday to Turkey, with my family, Uncle Tom and Baby Harry. I had a great time swimming in the freezing cold pool and the sea. I made lots of new friends and danced lots at the mini disco.
    When we came home we went pumpkin picking and I chose a really big pumpkin, which my dad helped me make look like Harry Potter as its my favourite film.

    • It sounds like you had a lovely time Isla. I am going to carve my pumpkin tomorrow. Maybe you could bring a picture in to share with the class, we’d love to see your pumpkin. Mrs McCabe x⭐️

  2. Over the holidays all my cousins came to my house and we had a party with lots of yummy food. We also played Pictionary and Just dance on the Wii. Me and my brother made a pink box fort which was a lot of fun. My mummy’s friend had a baby boy so we went to their party, her little boy was so small and cute. Me and my friend Manahil went to Fun Valley. We had a fantastic time as we went go karting. Then on Sunday me and my cousins made pancakes.

  3. I went to two birthday parties.
    I went to see the lights at Blackpool and had my tea there too. They were great.
    I went to see all grandparents and I went to the park.

  4. I went to the museum and saw some dinosaur bones. Also over the holidays I went to Blackpool to see the lights. I had lots of fun playing with my toys and helping my mummy look after my baby sister .

    • Hi Oliver it sounds like a fun half term. Which museum did you go to? Have you seen the dinosaur exhibits at Manchester museum, they are very interesting? Mrs McCabe x⭐️

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