The Dinosaurs Are Coming!!

Beware 1H…the DINOSAURS are coming to our classroom!

Our new topic in Spring is ‘Dinosaurs’ and we have got lots of learning to do!

Do you know the names of any Dinosaurs? Do you know when Dinosaurs lived? Do you know what Dinosaurs liked to eat? Do you know any stories or books with Dinosaurs?

Leave me a comment and let me know what you already know about Dinosaurs!

Thank you, Mrs Thornley-saurus


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5 Responses to The Dinosaurs Are Coming!!

  1. Holly Lord says:

    Hello Mrs Thornley.

    I have lots of books about dinosaurs. My favourite is T Rex which lived millions of years ago. T Rex ate other dinosaurs and had small arms.

    Hollysaurus Rex.

    • 101thornleyh says:

      Thank you for writing to me Holly. We will share your facts about the T Rex in class next week.
      If you would like to bring any of your dinosaur books into school to share during story time at the end of the day you can do!
      Mrs Thornley-saurus

  2. Lola Crossley says:


    There was a flying dinosaur called a Pterodactyl. They liked to eat meat. They lived about 150 million years ago. I saw them on the film Jurassic World.

    From Lolasaurus

    • 101thornleyh says:

      Thank you for writing a comment Lola. The Pterodactyl is one of my favourite dinosaurs because it can fly. Do you know what meat eating dinosaurs are called?
      Mrs Thornley-saurus

  3. Annabel Alice Fisher says:

    They eat leaves or meat. There is a dinosaur called a Pterodactyl. They are usually called something saurus like tyrannosaurus or brontosaurus.

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