Mrs Thornley’s Special Mentions

I would just like to take the time to make a few special mentions about some children from my class.

Daniel ~ Mrs Kennington and I are over-whelmed with the effort you have put in and progress you have made with phonics, reading and writing. We could not believe the independent piece of writing you did on Wednesday, it was great!

Tianna ~ You have grown in confidence so much lately, its been lovely to watch. You are joining in more during carpet time, putting up your hand and trying to work more on your own without an adult.

Livi ~ You should be very proud of the amount of effort you are putting into learning your sounds and writing. It has been a pleasure watching you complete the daily independent writing challenges. Keep it up!

Alfie ~ What has happened to you Alfie these last few weeks? You are on fire! The effort and progress that you have put into your reading and writing has not gone unnoticed. Mrs Kennington was over the moon with the piece of writing you did for her on Wednesday.

Oscar ~ The effort you have put into your handwriting and writing this half term is something to be very proud of. You are trying really hard at the moment to make your handwriting smaller and have even started using cursive letters. In Read, write inc. you have worked incredibly hard in my group and this has shown in the writing you are now producing in class.

Franky ~ No more ‘I can’t’ and more ‘I will try, I can!’ Franky you are trying hard to develop your growth mindset and are putting more effort into tasks which you don’t, at first, find easy.

Martin ~ Martin you are blooming at the moment like a Spring flower! You are growing in confidence every day and it has been such a pleasure to watch. You are joining in more during carpet time, putting up your hand and having a go even if you are not sure.

Charlie ~ The effort you have put in lately with your handwriting and writing is fantastic. You are now using beautiful cursive handwriting and have even attempted joining a few letters. You have also put the extra effort into your writing and it shows. Keep it up next term Charlie!

Cody ~ I don’t know what you have been eating for breakfast lately Cody but it’s working! You are working so hard; joining in more on the carpet, completing all the star challenges and the other day your independent piece of writing was just great. I even like how you have set yourself a few challenges for the Easter holidays, I hope you achieve them!

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