Harvest Celebrations 16.10.18

This morning Reception and Key Stage 1 celebrated Harvest. All the children went into the hall for a Harvest assembly where they sang songs, had a special visitor from the Food Bank and donated their food donations. The children enjoyed celebrating this special festival. Thank you to all the generous families for their kind donations.

Inspired by ‘The Dot’ written by Peter Reynolds

‘Vashti says she cant draw. Her teacher thinks she can. She knew that there’s a creative spirit in everyone, and where there’s a dot, there’s a way…’ The children in 1H have created some lovely artwork based on the book ‘The dot’. They have used their colouring, cutting, sticking and painting skills to produce dots. … Read moreInspired by ‘The Dot’ written by Peter Reynolds

Number bonds of 10

This week we have been extremely busy finding different ways to make 10. We have used ‘tens frames’, the ‘part-whole model’ and ‘Cuisenaire rods’ to make the numbers bonds and their switchers. Today we did Maths as a whole class; all sitting down and doing our learning together.

So grown up!

This morning we all sat down and did our Maths learning together as a whole class! We worked with our talking partners to partition numbers; finding different ways to make a given number. Mrs Thornley couldn’t believe what was happening in her classroom ~ wonderful 1H!