An Amazing Assembly!

Well done Year 2 for a fabulous assembly this morning. We would love to hear your thoughts, comments and favourite parts. Send us a comment (parents too)!

Below are a few parts of the assembly!


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27 Responses to An Amazing Assembly!

  1. 1012015as1 says:

    I loved our assembly!!!!!!! My favourite songs were fe fi fo fum and thank your lucky stars. By Amy

  2. 1012015dn says:

    I loved thancyou Luce star

  3. 1012015sk says:

    my fatter part was baning the drum
    By sam

  4. 1012015as1 says:

    My favourite part of the assembly was when we was singing because we all work together when we are singing in assembly.

  5. 1012015ps says:

    My freyfrt bit was feefiy foe fum

  6. 1012015aa says:

    It was a great asembely.I loved sinig.

  7. 1012015mr says:


  8. 1012015el says:

    My favrat song was look a rawnd you from Esmae.

  9. 1012015mc says:

    My faveroute song was fe if fo fum and I loved our assembly
    Love Mason

  10. 1012015fd says:

    My favrat song was when Jim met the gint from florence

  11. 1012015mm1 says:

    I. Liked. The. Jim. And. The. Jiyirnt. Song

  12. 1012015fr says:

    My favrot song was wen Jim met the gang and thank you Lucy stars

  13. 1012015jk says:

    We ol wrt tow ged wet har a fun did a big diy wen I met yow Jim and had a
    Fun dir his diy it lic the bes diy

  14. 1012015ps says:

    My freyfrt pat was fiyfiy fow fum

  15. 1012015eg1 says:

    My favourite song was thank your lucky stars and thank you for are world I loved are assembly

  16. 1012015nc1 says:

    May fret song was Gim and the Gint

  17. 1012015bg says:

    My frayvert part of the assembly was thank your Lucy stars.

  18. 1012015av says:

    I loved owed asembly.My favierte was look around you and fe fi fe fo fom

  19. 1012015mc says:

    A great school assembly, I enjoyed watching Mason and his class perform. They all did brilliant

  20. 1012015pn says:

    my favorite song is thank your lucky stars and when Jim met the giant .

  21. Felicity redford says:

    My favourite song was thank you lucky stars and fe fi fo fun. Felicity

  22. 1012015aa says:

    my favriute song was fe fi fo fum by mason and aaris

  23. 1012015el says:


  24. 1012015el says:

    My mum said said she loved the assembly she said the children had lovely voices .

  25. 1012015kr says:

    my favourite. song was fi fe fo fum and i love our assembley .

  26. 1012015el says:

    Lovely singing 2f❤️

  27. 1012015el says:

    Well done 2f and 2H❤️

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