Miss Pounder needs your help!

I need some suggestions for what you would like to make for the Christmas Fayre!  What have you made/seen before that you have liked?  Or can you think of some original ideas that haven’t been made before?

Comment below! 🙂

99 thoughts on “Miss Pounder needs your help!”

    • Oh Harry i like the sound of that!
      Let us know what we would need and I’ll see if we can make one for the class!

  1. I think we could make christmas wreths and glittery slime .from Roxy
    I think we could make christmas cakes and christmas tree cookies. from Scarlett xx

  2. We could make snowman pegs , lolly stick decorations , biscuits or cakes ,marshmallow snowmen and wreaths made with hand shapes for leaves.

  3. i love everyones ideas but i really like leahs but i want to make advent calendars and
    slime with green and red glitter because there festive colours i hope you like my ideas Mrs Aimson and mRS POUNDER BY SUMMER L

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