In History, we are learning about Ancient China and the Shang Dynasty. Post a question you have about Ancient China.


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  1. 1012013rk says:

    Why did they use animal bones as medicine?

  2. 1012013gs says:

    why did they use bones for medicine?

  3. 1012013sh says:

    how did the people die and who buried them?

  4. 1012013xb says:

    was shang dynasty soldgers wemen or men
    xander barracoulgh

  5. 1012013rk says:

    Why did they use animal bones for medicine? How did the people die? Why are the arachnologists still digging after finding the last remains? Robert

  6. 1012013rk says:

    How did the people die? Why are the arachnologists still digging after finding the last remains? Robert

  7. 1012013sr says:

    Who invaded them?
    When they were digging what did they find?
    How did they pass away?
    By Sufyan

  8. 1012013cb says:

    How did they die harley

  9. 1012013lm says:

    1) Whose skeleton’s were they ?
    2) What were the soldiers called ?
    3) How did they know what the bones said ?

  10. 1012013xb says:

    Who owned the oracal bone fammaly


  11. 1012013eg says:

    1.Who are different people buried?
    2.What were soldiers called?

  12. 1012013tj says:

    1.Who are the skeletons that were buried?
    2.Why do they write questions on the bones?

  13. 1012013mb says:

    Why was there no evidence of shang even egsisted?How did they die and who where they?Why did the scolers not use the bones?

  14. 1012013md says:

    1.who were the people who wrote on the bones?
    2.what were the soldiers called

  15. 1012013cb says:

    Why are they still hunting? Harley

  16. 1012013hc says:

    1.Who was the first Chinese Emporor?
    2.What kind of writing was on the bones?
    3.When was the first discovery of the dynasty?
    Harry Carruthers!

  17. 1012013sh says:

    Who’s is that big white and black house?
    Who are those people on the painting that the man painted?
    How does bones work as medicine?
    How does carving questions make bones?
    Were all of those people in the video archeologists?

  18. 1012013hv says:

    1. How cold they write on animal bones if they had nothing to write with ?

    2.Where did they get turtle shells from ?

    by Lillia

  19. 1012013pp says:

    Who was buried at China?by Joe Why did they put bone in medicine for the king? byPoppy

  20. 1012013mw says:

    Why did they fight in the north ?

    Why did the bone have writting on it?

    Was it a boy or a girl the skeleton ?

    from michael

  21. 1012013cc says:

    Who was buried.what was it called?Crystal

  22. 1012013ra says:

    Who were the people burried there

    Who were the people buried there? Who wrote on the bones?Roxy
    what kind of writing do the bones have? Scarlett

  23. 1012013op says:

    1 Why were they using a brush?
    2 Why were animal bones used as medicine?
    3 How did people die?
    4 Why did they think someone sent them messages?
    by Oscar parsons

  24. 1012013hv says:

    1. Why did they invade some of the land?

    2. Why did they heat up the bones?

    3. How did they die?

    4. Why didn’t they use the animal bones with writing on for the medicine?

    5. What did they die of?

    Hanna Vali.

  25. 1012013gs says:

    Who are those people who died ?
    Why did they do it in Northern China ?
    Who was that man who was poorly ?
    Who were those people who were putting bones in medicine?
    Did a particular amount of people die in one day or maybe a year ?

  26. 1012013sr says:

    Why do believe in so many Gods?
    How did they died?
    How did they become very strong?
    Who told them about the design and made spiky bits on the hose?

  27. 1012013hc says:

    How have they died?
    why where there no evidence of the shang?
    why were there messages frome the goods and ant sitters ?

  28. 1012013cl says:

    Why did they put bones in the meddicen?

    How did the people die? Caitlin lowe

  29. 1012013tm says:

    My questions 1 Why did they put animals in the kings medicine ?
    2 How long did it take to find remens of shang dynasty?
    3 who wear the people that had been beardid?

  30. 1012013mw says:

    1 How did Won Shyon get ill?
    2 How did the symbols get on the bone?
    3 How did they find out the first writing?
    4 Who is the skeleton?
    5 Why did they carve it into the bone?


  31. 1012013hc says:

    How have they died?
    why where there no evidence of the shang?
    by leah
    why were there messages frome the goods and ant sitters ?

  32. 1012013cb says:

    How old was the oldest Shang king?
    How long was the Shang Dynasty?
    How tall are the Ruins of Yin? caven

  33. 1012013tm says:

    Why did they use animal bones?

  34. 1012013mb says:

    river croal,bradshaw brook,river tongue,eagley brook


  35. 1012013mb says:

    how long would it take to build a dragon

  36. 1012013mb says:

    what material would they use to build a dragon maddison

  37. 1012013mb says:

    what food would the chinese people use to make their food maddison

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