How the digestive system works

In Science, we have been exploring how the digestive system works!ย  We showed how it worked in an experiment using cups, bananas, crackers, orange juice and water.

Comment below to explain to our readers why we used each material in the experiment (what did each thing represent?).

Explain how the digestive system works – remember your scientific vocabulary!


Miss Pounder x

P.S If you log in to Purple Mash and click on ‘To Do’ (at the top of the page), you can play a game to label the Digestive System! Comment your top score below


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11 Responses to How the digestive system works

  1. 1012013rk says:

    The Orange juice represented the acid in our stomach.
    The Water represented saliva (Spit)

  2. 1012013rk says:

    The Crackers were our teeth and the banana was food.

    -Robert ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. 1012013xb says:

    we used water BANNANA arange juce kracers XB

  4. 1012013cl says:

    I enjoyed it but it was very yucky ! caitlin

  5. 1012013lm says:

    It was really fun but it was gross !!!

  6. 1012013tj says:

    I enjoyed doing it but it was very smelly and disgusting! Tia

  7. 1012013zc says:

    great work 4f even though it was disgusting

  8. 1012013zc says:

    great work 4f even though it was disgusting zack

  9. 1012013tm says:


  10. 1012013md says:

    I enjoyed it even though it was very disusting !!! Matilda

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