We were so lucky in 4F today to experience how Muslims get ready for pray. Muslims must perform Wudu before stepping on the prayer mats to complete Salah. Some of the pupils in 4F demonstrated their faith to the children and supported others in learning Wudu and Salah. So very proud of you today 🙂


Our Geography topic this term is all about rivers. We will be looking at the Yangtze River in China and how rivers are formed. Can you name any well known rivers and the places they flow through? Do you know any names of the rivers that run through Bolton?

Welcome back

Welcome to Year 4! First of all, we would like to say a HUGE thank you for the wonderful homework we have received. You have truly worked hard over the summer and we think it looks fabulous. We hope you are ready and raring to go. Mrs Hutton and Miss Pounder