In Science we have been learning about vacuums. What is a vacuum? Why did the candle burn out? What happened to the water?

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29 Responses to Vacuums

  1. Alyssa says:

    I love doing this experiment I liked the part when we put the cup on top of the candle how did the candle go out my prediction was that the candle would go green….

  2. 1012013ob says:

    i am ashamed because i did not be able to do the experiment.

  3. 1012013sa1 says:

    awesome but i was intrested because it went of

  4. 1012013lu says:

    it was so cool seeing the light go out

  5. 1012013eo says:

    this was the best day ever and I was in evry photo

  6. 1012013ew says:

    i could redo this everyday love emily x

  7. 1012013ob says:

    this is Deacon I rilli loved it!

  8. 1012013lu says:

    it was so cool seeing the candle go out

  9. 1012013dj says:

    i loved it

  10. 1012013ka says:

    i love science because i got to light a candel

  11. 1012013am says:

    i didnt like this experment i loved it

  12. 1012013dj says:

    i loved the dragon beyes

  13. 1012013ah says:

    vacumes are so fun…

  14. 1012013ca says:

    thes expeament was cool

  15. 1012013lj says:

    loved that so much best day ever

  16. 1012013ih says:

    I rely liked It

  17. 1012013ht says:

    it was fun and we enjoyed it. we were so exsited for this experment.

  18. 1012013ks says:

    theas photos look so great of us doing this.

  19. 1012013al says:

    I really liked the project because it looked cool and we used fire but we was safe

  20. 1012013ac says:

    i loved experimenting this science it was cool how it blew out

    from Abbie and Amelia

  21. 1012013ni 1012013ni says:

    I already knew what would happen because I did it in Sunday school . It was really fun doing it with the class.

  22. 1012013sm says:

    i like were sj lites the candle

  23. 1012013hm says:

    I loved doing this activity I thought it was very fun for me and my class mates.

  24. 1012013nw says:

    i loved doing that experiment it was very exsiting.

    love from Nancy

  25. 1012013sa says:

    It bloow uot

  26. 1012013ow says:

    liked doing the experiment can’t believe the candle went out. from olanya

  27. 1012013ih says:

    I liked the exprermnt

  28. 1012013dj says:

    i loved the vacumes it was intresting

  29. Alyssa says:

    This experament was so much fun

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