In History, we are learning about Ancient China and the Shang Dynasty. Post a question you have about Ancient China.


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  1. 1012013ka says:


  2. 1012013hm says:

    what kind of materials did they use for clothes ?

  3. 1012013ni 1012013ni says:

    I would like to learn about the food ?

  4. 1012013lj says:

    cant wait to learn about china

  5. 1012013ka says:


  6. 1012013ew says:

    i have a question for ancient China what did they eat

  7. 1012013am says:

    who was the people that built the great wall of china?

  8. 1012013ob says:

    Why dose china celeabreat a dragon on New year?

  9. 1012013ac says:

    I would like to a bit more about the Chinese dragon and why they have it?

  10. 1012013ih says:

    Did china get invaided by Japan

  11. 1012013kl says:

    i want to know what dragans are like in china and what theye mean

  12. 1012013ah says:

    why do they have a dragon for chines why not a goat

  13. 1012013zl says:

    why do they have dragons in acient china

  14. 1012013al says:

    this is my favourite thing so far i like chines new year

  15. 1012013eo says:

    this topic is cool its better than all the others

  16. 1012013zl says:

    this topic is EPIC I cant wait to get more into it#COOLtopic

  17. 1012013ni 1012013ni says:

    This topic is very fun we have learnt fact really surprisingly

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