Food Pyramid Pizzas

In Science, we have been learning about the food pyramid and what is special about each food group. We made pizzas and included different parts of the Pyramid.

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25 Responses to Food Pyramid Pizzas

  1. 1012013ob says:

    I loved making my pizza and i loved learning about the food pyramid.

  2. 1012013ka says:

    i like making pissa beacause i put on stuff i did’t like

  3. Ellis says:

    I love my pizza and I eat my pizza

  4. 1012013zl says:

    it was fun making the pizza but I did not like the sause but I liked everything else

  5. 1012013mf1 says:

    I loved making pizzas , it was fun though I ate mine to quick:)

  6. 1012013ht says:

    making pizza was fun and we lernd about the food pyramid.

  7. 1012013ac says:

    i loved learning about the food pryamid and my pizza was YUMMY mmm. for example one of the carboughydrates is rice.

  8. 1012013nw says:

    i loved making pizza’s and we learnd about the food pyramid and my pizza was yummy mmmm delishious .

  9. 1012013lu says:

    We enjoyed putting our toppings on our pizza and figured out what food groups there in. from Aleena and Loren

  10. 1012013zl says:

    I liked making the pizza but did not like the sauce

  11. 1012013hm says:

    this was very fun I used nearly all of the ingridients , this shows that I have a balanced diet.

  12. 1012013ih says:

    It was fun because we got to do it olso it was taisty

  13. 1012013sm says:

    i liked making my own ppppiiiissssssssaaaa

  14. 1012013ah says:

    my pizza was sooooo dilishus chease and ham

  15. 1012013lj says:

    i had on my pizza peperoni wich is a protine and some ham wich is a protine

  16. 1012013ew says:

    i decied to put all the topings on becsuse i wanted all of the groups into one so then i had a balnce diet

  17. 1012013dw says:

    I put pepperoni and chicken

  18. 1012013ni 1012013ni says:

    It was really fun to make are own pizza I put everything on mine when I ate my pizza it had everything on it. As a protein I put ham and pepperoni as a caberhydrate on my pizza was the pitter bread as the bottom of the pizza. Then I ate it at home.

  19. 1012013ks says:

    my pizza was a fest

  20. 1012013eo says:

    my pizza was called eat my veggies

  21. 1012013sa1 says:

    i learned that pizza has other kinds of food pyramids from semih:)

    i learned that pizza is Delicious from Ibo

  22. 1012013ow says:

    i loved making the pizzas because we learned about the balanced diet

  23. 1012013ca says:

    my pizza was so good

  24. Alyssa says:

    this was sooooooooooooooooo fun

  25. 1012013nw says:

    i loved making pizza and i leraned a lot about what i need to eat.


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