RE: The five pillars of Islam

In RE we have just started The five pillars of Islam. Here are some pictures of that day.

Comment what you liked about that lesson.

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8 Responses to RE: The five pillars of Islam

  1. 1012013hm says:

    I loved doing this lesson because that we got to go up to the rest of the class and tell them about our pillar. ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Alyssa says:

    This was fun because we didnt haft to wright a paragraph we explaind what we learnt to the class.

  3. 1012013ni 1012013ni says:

    The five pillars of Islam were very interesting I never new about them.

  4. Ellis says:

    I love when I said my bit

  5. 1012013nw says:

    It was scary when we had to get up in front of the class but I liked it.

    from Nancy and Amelia.

  6. 1012013ah says:

    this was fun because we roght what we lernt and read it ought best re ever

  7. 1012013eo says:

    we learnd about the 5 pillars of islam

  8. 1012013ew says:

    i thought this was intersting learing about it

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