Sound in Science

Our new topic in Science is Sound. Can you remember how sound travels and how we hear sound?

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27 Responses to Sound in Science

  1. 1012013dw says:

    i learnt a lot 😉 🙂

  2. 1012013hm says:

    my favourite part was when you got to see the money 😉 😉 😉

  3. 1012013ht says:

    sound trafels thou air to get into your ere.

  4. 1012013dj says:

    soud is made of vibrations i loved this

  5. 1012013ka says:

    it were fun do science because we got to lear about how are ears work :{

  6. 1012013sa1 says:

    i was surprised when it worked because i just thought it was fake

  7. 1012013ih says:

    It was realy intresting when there was realy good Artifacs 🙂 😉

  8. 1012013ac says:

    I loved listening to some very loud noises but still really fun !

  9. 1012013ht says:

    sound trafels thou air to get to youre ere . We yues instrmonts to test how we can hear.

  10. 1012013mf1 says:

    I wasn’t there at the time but I still enjoy our new topic:)

  11. 1012013ew says:

    i love sicence it is always fun and we do new exprements everyday

  12. 1012013al says:

    sound is very interesting and fun it was rather loud though so get ear plugs next time I like to find out whats next(:

  13. 1012013ca says:

    the vibration were loud and were very fun to do by cinna and aleena

  14. 1012013ah says:

    in the first picture you can see the vibrations and the cups was fun because when the sound gets to your ear it sounds ecoe

  15. 1012013ht says:

    we myuest instroments to test how we can hear.

  16. 1012013ob says:

    I loved learning about sound! I love science!!

  17. 1012013ia says:

    at the start it was fun when the cups with a string

  18. 1012013hm says:

    I loved doing the experiment when you used the cups I thought is really fun especially
    for your friends. p.s the music is great 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉

  19. 1012013eo says:

    I think sound is made by vibrations

  20. 1012013nw says:

    i l0ve doing sciance because we always do something exciting

  21. 1012013ni 1012013ni says:

    SIENCE WAS SO INTERESTING!!! It was much fun to learn and experiment.

  22. 1012013ks says:

    i learned how sounde worecked

  23. 1012013ow says:

    i loved doing the music cant wait to learn about more music:)

  24. 1012013zl says:

    I thought it was sooooo fun I think it was made by vibrations

  25. 1012013zl says:

    I thought it was sooooo fun I think it was made by vibrations

  26. 1012013sm says:

    i like learning about sounds(sounds are fun);):)

  27. 1012013lu says:

    i have learned a lot about sound so far
    by loren and abbie

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