Terracotta Warriors Trip

We had an amazing time at the Liverpool World Muesum looking at the Terracotta Warriors and the other artefacts from Emperor Qin tomb.

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26 Responses to Terracotta Warriors Trip

  1. 1012013dw says:

    i lent a lot 😉 🙂

  2. 1012013sa1 says:

    it was fun and i learned that the terracota warriors were real

  3. 1012013dj says:

    i leart what they used

  4. 1012013ka says:

    it looks like they had lots of fun 🙁

  5. 1012013ew says:

    I liked this trip because we all got to learn about terecotta warriors 😉

  6. 1012013ac says:

    i loved the trip the terracotal warriors were freaky but we learned alot about china ! So FUN

  7. 1012013al says:

    I learned lots about the terracota worriers that it were to protect a tomb I really enjoyed (:
    thank you year 4 staff!

  8. 1012013ks says:

    i learned that the terrecotta warriors were made in china 😉

  9. 1012013mf1 says:

    I learned lots on this trip. It was so fun:)

  10. 1012013nw says:

    i love going on my trip because we are the only class who got to see the terrow cotta worries and they are so interasting

  11. 1012013ca says:

    it was fun and we lernt about trrocottowario by cinna and aleena

  12. 1012013ah says:

    this was so fun because we get to see things that were on the news the tiger in he first bit was realy creapy because it cept staring at you.

  13. 1012013ia says:

    i learned that why the coins had holes

  14. 1012013ow says:

    i loved learning about the terecotta warriors 😉

  15. 1012013lu says:

    i learned a lot at the trip

  16. 1012013sm says:

    the terracotta worriers are interesting (fun)

  17. 1012013zl says:

    i loved the trip especialy at the beginning in the room I loved the coach trip aswell 🙂 🙂

  18. 1012013zl says:

    I loved the trip it as soooooo fun :):)

  19. 1012013zl says:

    I loved the trip

  20. 1012013lu says:

    i loved this trip because i learnt a lot 🙂
    by abbie

  21. 1012013ob says:

    I loved our trip to the world Muesesum! Thank you Year 4 staff.

  22. Ellis says:

    I love lerning about the muesesum

  23. 1012013ht says:

    we learnt that Qia defited contres by using a crossbow.he actually defeted 7 contres.

  24. 1012013eo says:

    I loved the trip because I got to see the terrocotta worrios

  25. 1012013ih says:

    The Arow heads was realy sharp OOOWWW!!!!!! 🙁

  26. 1012013eo says:

    oli is the best at making animotos

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