The digestive system: Science

In science we have been learning about the digestive system. We did an experiment about the jobs of the different parts.




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Millet porridge: History

Today in history we learnt about the Shang Dynasty. We made a porridge from millet a crop the Shang people grew. Here are some pictures.


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Science: Teeth

In science we learnt about our teeth and how important our teeth are in the digestive system.


We put two eggs in vinegar and one was covered in fluoride toothpaste. The one wasn’t.



We put three eggs in three different liquids and they were: water, coke and cranberry juice.

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Our Painted Dragon Eyes

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Cherry Blossom Art

In Art we looked at artwork inspired by the cherry blossom trees in China. We studied famous artist’s work before using their work to create our own. We used water washing to create our backgrounds and used different brushes to create the trees. I think you have worked so hard on these 4H and I absolutely love them. They are stunning.



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Our Geography topic this term is all about rivers. We will be looking at the Yangtze River in China and how rivers are formed. Can you name any well known rivers and the places they flow through? Do you know any names of the rivers that run through Bolton?

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In History, we are learning about Ancient China and the Shang Dynasty. Post a question you have about Ancient China.


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In Science we have been learning about vacuums. What is a vacuum? Why did the candle burn out? What happened to the water?

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Clay Dragon Eyes

Today 4H created dragon eyes using clay. They practised using slip and scoring to join parts of the eye together.

Our creations look excellent and I can’t wait to see them painted.

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Crag Team

Miss Walker was delighted with the effort you demonstrated this weekend. You tackled all the challenges and conquered your fears.

Well done.

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