Times Tables Game

Log in to Purple Mash, where you will find another 2Do. Improve your times tables over half term!

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7 Responses to Times Tables Game

  1. 1012012mp1 says:

    Despite the fact that I got all the answers right,I had a lot of fun playing. :p 🙂

  2. 1012012sb says:

    I really enjoyed this it was very good!!!-

  3. 1012012dc says:

    It made me feel great with my times tables i feel better and more confident with all of them

  4. 1012012kd says:

    I really enjoyed playing the fish game . I felt happy because I went through them in a flash

  5. 1012012kd says:

    I am happy I now my times tables

  6. 1012012hc says:

    I loved doing this game!!! I would realy like some more homework like this!

  7. 1012012lw1 says:

    I did my times tables challenge and got them ALL right

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