5F Plant trees in the woodland provided free for the school by the woodland trust!

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5F Participate in a ‘Big Tidy Up’ Litter Picking afternoon. We will win our next Eco Award. Thanks for all your help!

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Times Tables Game

Log in to Purple Mash, where you will find another 2Do. Improve your times tables over half term!

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Science Homework – Purple Mash

Now you need to log in to Purple Mash, where you will find a 2Do. Look at the top of the screen, where you will find an alert.

Your homework is to produce an information sheet to show your understanding of magnetism. You will be able to add in images and explain if the material is magnetic or not.

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Science Homework part 1

You need to access Britannica School via the whole school blog and type in the password.

Then click on the picture above which will take you to a page about magnetism.

After reading, you need to comment to tell me what you have found out.



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This afternoon, 5F planned and conducted an experiment in connection with our science topic; Materials. What can you tell us about the experiment ? What were the variables ? What were the non-variables ? What did you learn from this ?

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5f are enjoying improving their Dodge Ball skills, thinking tactically and working together in their teams.

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I am really enjoying the steel pans it’s sooo fun to make such a sound it’s not melifulous but it’s fun even though we are now nearly death and can’t hear what are lesson is and don’t know what to do.   Haha #5F

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WOW !!! 5F, we are so impressed with your efforts in music with Mr Martin. What can you remember about Steel Pans ? Where does the music originate from and what are the drums made of ? Can you remember anything else ?

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5F are thoroughly enjoying their Monday music lessons with Mr Martin. Last week they learned how to play three different notes on the steel pans. This week they have learned to accompany the pans using various percussion instruments, keeping to the beat of a rhythm.

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