100WC-Lola-Don’t trust teachers

Deep dark dangerous…Mystery…Unexplainable horrors…The monster that feasted on…souls! A school full of  giant vampire bats… In disguise… All the teachers were not just monsters but aliens! Each trying to crack a code that, if known, the owner could shape the universe. Who could stop them? Only one of their own kind… The kind alien realized that the … Read more100WC-Lola-Don’t trust teachers

Zeng’s 100 Word Challenge entry

Bittersweet and Rightful Revenge One step. Two steps. Then, three… Every lonely second unveiled a loud… SCREECH! Definitely, that haunting and unexpected yet memorable voice of anger hit my ears, faint like a ghost… Lurking nearby… Scared and cautious I couldn’t control my limbs; I kept forcing myself to see more. After all of this, … Read moreZeng’s 100 Word Challenge entry