Science Homework part 1


You need to access Britannica School via the whole school blog and type in the password.

Then click on the picture above which will take you to a page about magnetism.

After reading, you need to comment to tell me what you have found out.

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11 Responses to Science Homework part 1

  1. 1012012cn says:

    I know that the earth is a magnet and water and air have very week magnetic forces

  2. 1012012ml says:

    I have learnt that a magnet [also known as rock and metal] attracts other types of magnets. The force of magnetism is a force of nature. Lodestone -a certain tipe of rock- is a natural magnet. In magnets there are electrons ,tiny particles, that behave in a certain way. Magnets also attract to objects that contain iron, steel, nickel and cobalt. Last but not least, I know that the earth is a magnet, air is a magnet and water is a magnet. These three things are week magnets.

  3. 1012012ep says:

    Than you Mrs Clarke for this homework.I’ve learned that the earliest use of a magnet was a compass,which is free to turn,and the earth is a giant magnet.

  4. 1012012lw says:

    Ive learnt that the Earth is a magne and that on a magnet the n means north and the s means south

  5. 1012012mm says:

    Thank you Mrs.Clarke for this homework. I have enjoyed learning about magnets and I have found out that the Earth is one giant magnet. 🙂

  6. 1012012mc says:

    This homework was the best homework ever! I learnt that lobestone is a natural magnet, which has helped scientists learn how to make other metals into magnets.

  7. 1012012eg1 says:

    Magnets strongly attract objects that contain iron steel or cobalt

  8. 1012012ep says:

    I’ve learned that the earth is like a giant magnet.

  9. 1012012is says:

    I learned that magnets can be found in load of placed and objects, and to my surprise I found out that magnets can be used in medicine. I found it all very interesting and I learned a lot from what I read.

  10. 1012012fr1 says:

    I learnt that magnets have a north and south pole. Ive learnt that the Earth is a magnet and that on a magnet the n means north and the s means south. The force of magnetism is a force of nature

  11. 1012012oh says:

    I played the factor game I understand factors more now .

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