The family who were broke ( by Astera.N )

In a far away land there once lived a smart young boy,called Alex and he had a beautiful sister called Lexi.They loved to play together,but one day something terrible happened. Their father had lost his job,and it effected everyone.First they lost the house,then their welthiness and finally their happiness.Lexi,Alex and their parents were living on … Read moreThe family who were broke ( by Astera.N )

HORRIBLE HISTORIES by Dylan J 100 word story

Anglo Saxons and Vikings are really clever even though they used to fight each other but they used tactics in their war. They both beat each other to the death. And they both won the war between the two. Anglo Saxons beat Vikings and Vikings beat Anglo Saxons they did not learn from their mistakes.There … Read moreHORRIBLE HISTORIES by Dylan J 100 word story

Sydnee’s 100 word story

Mr and Mrs Frosty One frosty morning, four little children built two amazing snowmen, one being male and one female. They were named Mr and Mrs Frosty.  That night, whilst the children were peacefully sleeping, Mr and Mrs Frosty came alive! Unexpectedly, Mrs frosty began to rise taking Mr Frosty with her! “WOW! Look at me go!” shouted Mr Frosty as … Read moreSydnee’s 100 word story