Welcome to Year 6

Welcome to year 6!

Remember to help each other and if you find something difficult it means you are learning – keep calm and keep going – practise makes perfect and you can achieve your goals!

Keep checking the blog and get involved as much as you can in order to extend your learning and also grow our learning community.

We hope you will use the blog regularly to continue learning and celebrating the hard work you put in both at school and at home.

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All about what life was like during WW2

In ww2, everyone had to carry gas mask around with them. Scaring all the little children, every time they had to wear them, the parents had to trick them into it. The gas masks the children had to wear were called Mickey Mouse gas masks as they looked like Mickey Mouse. The masks, which sucked in the air and took out the poison, saved many lives. These miracles come in three different kinds of sizes, an Adult, a baby and a child sized one. The baby Gas mask had to be pumped by an adult 40 times a minute. Therefore, the baby wouldn’t die from the poison.

This is what the Air Raid Shelter looked like when you were inside. When a German bomb went off, people would come here for better protection as the Air Raid Shelters were bomb proof. The people in Manchester, who would come here for safety, thought that are Shelters were better than the ones that they had at home. The shape of this tunnel is a horse-shoe shape as it is a strong supporting shape. The walls made from sandstone (a coarse, rough surface), were extremely strong and could withstand the bombs. The stiff bunk beds, which were not as comfy as you would expect, is what they had to cope with at night. Without light in the tunnels, it would be pitch black.

 By Harriet.

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The feelings of a British child in a WW2 air raid

In WW2, every child had to carry a gas mask around with them in case there was gas attack any moment. All the children would feel petrified because when there is a gas attack you would go to the nearest shelter and would start to ask yourself if you family is all right and would not know if you would see you family again.



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The impact WW2 had on children in Great Britain

During WW2, people had to wear gas masks as gas attacks were feared when the Germans used to bomb the UK. Fortunately, gas attacks never happened in England but people had to be aware.

If an air raid ever happened when you were in school you would have to go to the nearest shelter. You would feel scared as you didn’t know whether your parents were safe and how long you would be in the shelter for. If you brought some toys and you teddy, then perhaps you would feel more comfortable. You would not know when you would go back to your home; you would not know if you would go back to it in perfect shape or come back to a house in ruins. Every day if you were a child in ww2 you
would feel anxious at school because you would have the feeling of your school being bombed and never seeing your family again.
The air raid shelters were fully made out of sandstone, from top to bottom, in a strong arch shape to withstand the bombs above. The beds were metal and narrow looking like there was only space for 1 person but it was meant to fit 2 people. If you was a woman with a baby you would also share your bed. You were expected to be down in the shelter for 30 mins but could be stuck in them for 16 hours at a time.



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Our fun with Mr Street

Click here to watch about archery

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our WW2 trip

Click here to watch all about our ww2 trip


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Team Waterfall at Robinwood!

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Team Stream at Robinwood!

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Spring Team at Robinwood

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Team Rapid at Robinwood!

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