Matisse inspired art by 6F…

Using scissors as out drawing tool, we created collages.  Nature and figures were our subject and we were inspired by the work of Henri Matisse.  Can you recognise nature or figures in our designs?

What do you like and why?

Please let me know if one of the ones without names is yours so I can add your name. Thanks

17 thoughts on “Matisse inspired art by 6F…”

    • You worked hard to create your piece Jake. The snail definitely shows you were inspired by Matisse and his nature interests. Was it tricky to use scissors for drawing with?

      • Not really. To create Matisse art all you need are scissors, glue and an active imagination. It is a mature of focus, design and fun.

  1. I really love Matisse’s work as he does not just use what he has cut out but he uses the leftovers as well. Well done to everyone, I really liked your artwork. It really inspired me to do more Matisse artwork!

    • I agree – the shapes left behind are abstract and create the most interesting collages, especially when overlapped in different ways.

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